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PPJA – More Recipes_A Collection of Recipes Mods for StardewValley offers many great dishes, and you have more cooking experience.

PPJA – More Recipes_A Collection of Recipes offers a diverse and rich culinary world.

If you like the unique dishes in the world of ConcernedApe, then download this mod.

An overview of the mod

Paradigmnomad uploaded the official mod to nexus mods in 2017. The mod is free and easy to install.

The mod is not a standalone version, so you need to install the necessary mod packs. The mod brings many unique recipes for farmers in Pelican Town.

Players follow the author’s instructions to install the complete mod pack. If you install any mod pack, the mod will throw an error.

If you want to remove the mod, then you need to delete the respective folders.

Check out the awesomeness below!


PPJA – More Recipes_A Collection of Recipes has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod is compatible with modpacks, including Mizu’s Custom Recipe Sprites, CCS Kitchen Station Set.
  • The mod needs the latest versions of modpacks: Json Assets, SMAPI, Mail Framework Mod, Content Patcher, Fruits and Veggies, More Trees, Mizu’s Flowers, SpaceCore.
  • The player unzips the [JA] file to add Recipes (including Fruits and Vegetables). You unzip the [MFM] file to create a variety of Unique Recipes.


In short, the mod brings many new and unique recipes to farmers. Pelican Town will have many fun and cozy parties!

Check out PPJA – More Recipes_A Collection of Recipes Free Download and create many unique dishes!


Uploaded by: paradigmnomad

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