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Project Populate JsonAssets Content Pack Collection Mods for Stardew Valley provides a complete and straightforward installation package. You will like this mod.

Project Populate JsonAssets Content Pack Collection is a must-have mega pack if you love ConcernedApe’s SC world.

The mod contains all the attractive and necessary contents of other mod packs.

Download the mod and have a unique new world!

An overview of the mod

Infectmeinjectme ​​uploaded the official mod to nexus mods in March 2018. The mod is a full install of the top mod packs.

The mod provides a complete and compact resource of other modders. You don’t feel the hassle of downloading a bunch of content packs.

All content packs are included in this “all-in-one” mod. Check out the fun below!


Project Populate JsonAssets Content Pack Collection has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod is a full megapack. You can get new points for modpacks, including: Fruits and Veggies; More Trees/ Food/Meat; Fantasy Crops; Even More Recipes, and Mizu’s Flowers.
  • The mod needs the latest version of API libraries like Json Assets, SMAPI, SpaceCore, and many more.
  • The mod provides a safe, fast and effective solution for SC fans. You don’t need to download individual modpacks.
  • The mod saves players time. The mod is easy to install, and you need to follow familiar instructions on the internet.


In short, the mod is a necessary additional package. In addition, you can also download Stardew Valley Mods to discover many exciting things in Pelican Town.


Uploaded by: infectmeinjectme

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