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Range Display Mods Free Download will display the range of required items. You can guarantee the efficiency of planting through the scope display.

Range Display is a necessary mod for farmers.

Players can observe the range of agricultural items such as sprinklers, scarecrows, bee houses, and juniper huts.

Download the mod to get a better view when gardening!

An overview of the mod

CatCattyCat is the developer of the mod. The mod can display the range of a lot of essential tools such as sprinklers, scarecrows, bee houses, and juniper huts.

The mod is free and easy to install. Please use the mod by the great points below!


Range Display brings many attractive points such as:

  • You press the trigger (default f2) to switch the display of the range of activities: scarecrow, sprinkler, junimo hut, and a bee house.
  • You can view the range of the item you hold or the item’s content in the world. You can observe most of the operating range of the required items.
  • If you can see the range of many essential tools, you know how to allocate the number of devices.
  • Your crops are always watered, not eaten by crows. Your bee house will produce unique honey.


All in all, the Stardew Valley Range Display is a must-have supplement for the farmer. If you use the mod, then you will have more positive experiences in the beautiful garden of Pelican Town.

Download the mod, use the tool effectively and produce a bountiful harvest!


Uploaded by: CatCattyCat

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