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Scythe Harvesting v2.0 Mods is the mod you can download and try right away. This mod will allow you to collect your crop and follower in the fastest way.

What is in this mod?

Harvest things might seem like an easy job when you have a small world to play. But when the world gets bigger and you have more trees, plants and flowers.

This is when you need this mod and all the content we can give you inside it. This mod will allow you to use the Scythe to gather all your products in one second.

There will be no wasting time, and you won’t need to spend that many hours gathering all your food. This Scythe Harvesting v2.0 will be the mod you need for your farm.

Stardew Valley Scythe Harvesting v2.0

The way for you to turn on/off this mod will be by pressing the Q key. This key will allow you to turn the mod off when you want to get back to average harvest.

You can turn this mod again on and then use the Scythe to gather your food. This is an easy and simple mod, so there will be no update needed. But we will try to add some new features for this mod, such as gathering animal products.


Uploaded by: mmanlapat

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