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Seasonal Outfits for SVE (Vanilla Style) Mods for StardewValley brings new skins to familiar characters.

Seasonal Outfits for SVE (Vanilla Style) is an excellent mod in terms of design.

The mod provides dozens of unique images and portraits for the characters in Pelican Town. You are spoiled for new experiences!

Download the mod and update your character’s new skin!

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Poltergeister and Tanpoponoko.

The mod provides extended seasonal clothing for all SC NPCs. Therefore, the characters become more cute and lively.

Players may submit SC artwork and character portraits to Poltergeister. If you have excellent drawings, then your image will appear in the mod.


Seasonal Outfits for SVE (Vanilla Style) has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod is compatible with other mod packs, including Seasonal Villager Outfits and Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for SVE. Therefore, players can combine many different mod packs to create a unique experience.
  • The player can change Sophia by setting the command “OlderSophia” to “true.”
  • The mod is open source so that anyone can use the mod in future mod packs.
  • The mod stars Uhteen21 for the Victor Luau & Olivia Egg festival and lillifer’s participation in the Sophia Egg Festival.
  • The clothes of the NPCs are very diverse, fashionable, and extremely cute.


In short, the mod brings a lot of new fun to NPCs. Therefore, you will enjoy the game more.

Check out Seasonal Outfits for SVE (Vanilla Style) Free Download and interact with new NPCs!


Uploaded by: Poltergeister

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