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Seasonal Outfits – Slightly Cuter Aesthetic Mods for Stardew Valley brings exciting seasonal outfits to Pelican Town farmers.

Seasonal Outfits – Slightly Cuter Aesthetic offers one outfit per season to Pelican Town farmers.

The mod also features an additional outfit for winter outdoor areas and a Flower Dance & Spirit’s Eve festival outfit.

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of Poltergeister. The mod is free and will appear on nexus mods in 2020. The mod receives many contributions from the authors Ailin, Alvadea, Airyn, Hopewashere, Tanpoponoko.

The mod gives all the characters seasonal costumes. You’ll see the character’s turtleneck sweaters and long-sleeve coats in the winter.


Seasonal Outfits – Slightly Cuter Aesthetic has many attractive points such as:

  • Players do not need a configuration file for the mod’s character portrait. If you don’t want to use some characters of the mod, then you should delete the corresponding character portraits in the folder.
  • The mod works well with SMAPI and Get Glam. Players need to follow the configuration instructions strictly.
  • The mod is compatible with SVE and Gunther. However, the mod will conflict with Slightly Cuter Characters.
  • The mod is an excellent combination of two other mod packs, Slightly Cuter Characters Sprites, and Slightly Edited Portraits.
  • The mod provides a seasonal outfit for the farmer. However, you can also change the long or short-sleeved clothes for the character as you like.


All in all, the mod is fantastic, and the dynamic NPC clothing system inspires it.

Check out Seasonal Outfits – Slightly Cuter Aesthetic Free Download and have each farmer’s unique seasonal outfits!


Uploaded by: Poltergeister

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