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Shop Tile Framework Mod will now open for you. And this mod will allow you to buy anything you like from the store.

Before you do that, you need to know that this mod allows you to customise stores. This is huge when there is no other mod that can allow you to do this.

Any currency:

This mod will allow you to use a lot of different kinds of currency. And we will enable you to use those below:

  • Money,
  • Casino Coins,
  • And Festival score.

This kind of money in the game is not that easy to find. But you can do some activities to have the money, such as selling products, fishing, mining, trading, and completing some missions.

Shop Tile Framework will support all the stores so you can buy things and sell stuff with them. This mod will be better if you know the best kinds of material you can have in the game. And then sell them for more profit!

Marnie’s store is no more unique:

This mod will allow you to make some custom stores where you can buy/sell animals. The Marnie’s store will no longer be the only store that will enable you to trade animals.

Shop Tile Framework for Stardew Valley Mods will update for more details. Stay so we can make you happy!


Uploaded by: CherryChain

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