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Stack Everything Mods Free Download can stack all kinds of items. Thus you can save time and space on chests.

Stack Everything is a helpful mod for ConcernedApe’s incredible open world. You can comfortably explore the world with a lot of valuable objects.

The mod allows users to stack almost all items. You can stack things up to huge numbers (about 999).

An overview of the mod

The mod is a product of CatCattyCat, and you can download the nexus mods mod for free.


Stack Everything has many exciting additions such as:

  • The mod allows you to stack objects (like bobbers) and backgrounds up to 999. So you can save space in your closet, and you save time instead of moving items one by one.
  • The mod can stack a lot of things, but you cannot stack clothes. Therefore, if you want to use the stacking ability, then you have to remove the clothes.
  • If you uninstall the mod, the value of an item in the chest or inventory will be reset to 1. Therefore, you need to separate the items before deleting the mod.
  • The mod cannot stack tools, hats, rings, boots and weapons.
  • The mod only works fine if the server has the mod installed. Therefore, if your friends do not have the mod installed in multiplayer, you can only stack objects.


In short, Stardew Valley Stack Everything is a valuable mod for anyone. Download the free mod to stack the necessary items!


Uploaded by: CatCattyCat

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