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Stardew Valley Expanded – Portuguese Free Download allows you to have more things for your game. There will be new maps, locations, NPCs, missions, and tasks in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Expanded: Portuguese for PC will allow you to have more fun in this game. Each time you start a new mission or a day, new things will be waiting for you.

New location:

There will be 26 new places for you to explore. Each one of them might contain some items and treasures for you to take away.

Stardew Valley Expanded: Portuguese will allow you to see the location if you stand close to them. Before that, there will be nothing on the map that shows the location.

New events:

We added some new events to this game, and you can join them. They will allow you to get some EXP, materials, or items.

New NPCs:

This game will send you some new NPCs, and each one of them will come with a mission. There will be 12 of them you need to talk to.

New message:

They will be needed for your game. These messages will let you know more info about the Stardew Valley world. Please don’t skip any of them to own the best items you can have.


Uploaded by: Zeoz20

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