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Hello everyone! This mod adds: » A new visual to (almost) all NPC Maps in the game » 150+ new messages » Entry to Maru’s Basement, Haley’s Darkroom and Shane’s Barn! You’ll need to reach 8 hearts level, though! » Willy and Sandy’s room, with new messages for your entertainment! But you need to be friends before entering! » A better day/night map immersion: when night comes, not only do the windows change from light to night, but the floor light disappears as well! » A more immersive experience in game (hopefully!!!)

As of November 2019, Minerva and I are working together to get this mod up and running! Happy Farming! 🙂 ~ Karmylla Note from Minerva Hi everyone! As of the upload date of this page (July 3rd, 2021), Karmylla and I remain on hiatus for modding, but are moving the mod to its new home here on Moddrop. Please note this is still the 1.4.x upload currently, with no updates for 1.5. And as before, this mod does not and will never again support compatibility for SVE; please do not ask for compatibility or try to release patches. Thank you for your support! ~ Min

= READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE = IMPORTANT NOTE AS OF VERSION 3.1.0 / DECEMBER 27 2019, ALL SUPPORT FOR SVE IS DROPPED AND RIGHTS TO USE FOR THAT MOD ARE REVOKED I will not answer any questions regarding issues with SVE from this point onwards.

There are three different Town Maps Conditionals to choose from:

  1. “Default” is for those who would like to have the Joja ruins in their Town map.

It will automatically change from the Joja map to the JojaRuins map once you’ve finished the Community Centre quest.

  • This is the default (duh).

2. “DustyOnly” is for those who want to play the original vanilla map, plus the Dusty area! Other than that, some areas were edited to make the Town map more “horse-friendly”. 3. “False” is for those who do not want to play with my Towns – at all! This conditional might be interesting for those who only want to play with my NPC maps! ===== DO NOT FORGET ===== You need Reset Terrain Features to reset the bushes – if you aren’t playing with a new save! Load your save file and follow the instructions on that mod’s page to reset your bushes! And you will see the bushes in their new place! ======================== Compatibility and Feature This mod is compatible with most mods, thanks to Content Patcher!


This mod has been featured in the following mods: » “Expanded Access Maps”, by Allayna » “Stardew Valley Expanded”, by FlashShifter We did NOT agree with this “feature” on Stardew Valley Expanded. FlashShifter has been using some of my map designs for his own interior maps, and has uploaded my maps on his private betas on Patreon. I did not – nor will I ever – consent with the distribution of my work or edited copies of it to people who are paying for it.

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