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About this mod

Shows the locations of NPC and farmers on the map page and on a minimap. Provides modified map pages that are much more accurate to the game.

Author’s instructions

– This is an open-source project. Modders are free to contribute at https://github.com/bbpak/stardew-valley-mods.
– This mod provides its own map assets that are heavily modified from the original. Anyone is free to create recolors/modifications of these assets without permission.
– Do not host this mod on other sites or platforms without my permission.
– To contribute translations see https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/articles/101. This is much preferred over a separate translation file.

If not specified here, please ask permission from me first.

File credits

Map recolors:
– Minerva (minervamaga) for Ace’s Expanded Farms
– Ria (riazaia) for Eemie’s Recolour and Starblue Valley
– Elle (junimods) for Elle’s Dirt and Cliff Recolor
– SilentResident for Farm Extended
– HESPERONIS for Stardew Foliage Redone
– Countbuggula for Starblue Valley for Stardew Valley Expanded

– HappyHackingNinja for Chinese
– superdadidou for French
– Markus and Nanogamer7 for German
– simplefield for Japanese
– qqkookie for Korean
– josemscnogueira, Felipe, and Gustavo for Portuguese
– Cpt.Cancer for Russian
– Edith for Spanish
– LunaLuti for Turkish

Donation Points system

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