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A simple map created for personal use that could also appeal to others.

Based on the Forest/Foraging farm, it adds a part of the unspecified lake that you can fish in – Mountain fish with some edits!

Not sure about adding any lore into it, but just for the sake of it – Grandpa was a big fan of Carps, the basic and the Midnight ones, so he decided to breed them differently and that’s why the ones caught on farm are harder to catch and worth a bit more!

You can also find a lot of berry bushes around the farm, so no need for you to be starving in any way!

Replaces Riverland/Fishing map.

Optional Files also include a Json Assets cooking recipe for early game made in collaboration with Gweniaczek!

A lot of mods are used in the screenshots, so please forgive me for not specifying them all.
Gwen’s Medieval Buildings by Gweniaczek
Vibrant Pastoral Recolor by grapeponta
Simple Foliage by dugongkebalik
Visible Fish by shekurika

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