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Swim Free Download will show you how to use this mod for your gameplay. Swim for Stardew Valley will allow you to take your wet adventure to a new level.

Swim will now send you some needed info that you need to know about this mod:

Swim for Stardew Valley

  • It would be best if you pressed the J key to enter the water. No matter where the water is, you will always get in it by using this key.
  • If you want to get out of the water, you can reach the water’s edge. That will be where you enter and get out of the water.
  • A swimsuit will be what you need in this game before entering the water. The temperature of the water would be cold. So you better wear a good swimsuit before entering the underwater world.
  • This mod will allow you to use tools and anything you can hold in your hand while swimming. The tools will be helpful when you need to gather some other material underwater.
  • Stardew Valley mod allows you to dive in the water by using the H key. And this world will be full of mystery items. You can also find some monster living under it. Be careful not to wake them up!


Uploaded by: aedenthorn

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