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The Love of Cooking Free Download will be the mod about how you cook and eat your food. There will be more info you can get from the Stardew Valley post below.

The Love of Cooking for PC will be about your food and how you make them. This mod will send you a new recipe that you can use to craft food.

You can also use this mod to have more crops. These crops will send you the needed material for you to make more foods.

The Love of Cooking:

Cooking menu:

This will be where you can see the food that you can craft. And if you have enough material, you can make more of them and store them.

Cooking skills:

This is a new feature, and you can use this to have more food made by your own hand. You will have a new recipe, and each one of them will allow you to craft a type of delicious food.

Tools for cooking:

There will be a bar where you can find all the tools you need to make food. We will send more of them to you.

New crops:

These crops will be what you need to find enough material for your Stardew Valley food.


Uploaded by: bblueberry

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