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v1.4 Misc Recolour Pack (Fish Pond Craftables Scarecrow and Dresser) Free Download will allow you to have more choice on furniture. And there will be more of them for you to download from the Stardew Valley page.

v1.4 Misc Recolour Pack is a simple but useful mod you can have from our page. This mod will allow you to bring more choice on furniture to your game.

Each one of them will make your house look like a palace. And you will need no money to download these to your PC.

v1.4 Misc Recolour Pack

There will be a lot of new furniture that this mod adds to your game. We will bring you some minifridges that allow you to come across the river.

Workbench will be where you start your woody job. You can also make some new items thanks to this thing.

Dresser will be where you come and change your clothes. This will also be where you keep all your suitable outfits.


Worm Bin will be the place for you to keep all the worms you found. Could you get rid of them all?

Crystalarium is a new place in Stardew Valley. You will find some valuable things when you travel to this place.


Uploaded by: DustBeauty

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