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Villagers Anime Portrait is a mod, and this mod can send you more free things. The first thing will be a free portrait in the anime style for your NPCs.

Things we add:

There will also be a portrait of your character. Remember one thing, and this setting will not change the main game.

So there will be no such thing like add point skill for your character. The skill, expand other things that belong to your character will remain. You can make sure about this when entering the character window.

The portrait will also not even affect the gameplay. You will never see the Villagers Anime Portrait any bugs. All you have inside this game will be a fun and cute avatar.

Stardew Valley Villagers Anime Portrait and tips:

This mod will only change the avatar of your character. There will be nothing wrong with their skill. But these characters will not be able to change their avatar again.

You will need to get rid of this mod to add another mod to your game. And some other mod will allow you to add new portraits.

The game is not that hard when you have all the material you need. This fun will allow you to make your day happy by taking care of your animal, meeting friends, and farming. Join us and see the fun!


Uploaded by: Bunnihime

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