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Vintage Interface (Content Patcher) Mods for StardewValley brings a calmer and more elegant interface in Pelican Town.

Vintage Interface (Content Patcher) is a great mod, and the mod provides a more elegant look to ConcernedApe’s game.

The mod allows players to replace the complete skin with cream skin.

Download the mod and experience the classic and elegant cream color!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to Mana, and ManaKirel uploaded the official mod on nexus mods in 2017. The mod is free and easy to install.

The mod provides a classic cream look in the entire world of ConcernedApe. You will have more exciting and unique experiences than the vanilla version.


Vintage Interface (Content Patcher) has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod brings a classic cream color look to the world of ConcernedApe. Kimberly’s pink skin inspires the mod.
  • The mod is a necessary addition to all other modpack like the luxury, victorian, lovely classic. You will see a more romantic and elegant world.
  • The mod applies the classic cream color to many items such as the mailing background, the community center pack, and the billboard. You will feel a more peaceful world in the mod.
  • The mod is suitable for all desaturated versions of SC.
  • The mod is compatible with other modpacks, including: Just a new map recolour (Eemie), A toned down Stardew Valley (LavenderLight), and Flower Valley – Town and Farm Buildings ReDesign (KAYA / jina2ya).


In short, the mod brings more fun to the world of ConcernedApe.

Check out Vintage Interface (Content Patcher) Free Download and explore the world of cream colors in Pelican Town!


Uploaded by: ManaKirel

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