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Walk Through Trellis Free Download will allow you to pass through all the crops. Even when these crops come with Trellis, seasonal Japanese Buildings are free!

Walk Through Trellis for PC will allow you to do more than pass through your crops. This mod will help you increase your speed when moving on the field. And you can also use this mod to make yourself be faster anywhere you want.

For people who like Stardew Valley, you guys will need this mod for your game. There will be that one time when you have a lot of crops on your farm.

And in the normal game, you can not move as quickly as you want. So this mod has been made and allows you to move even when your crops come with Trellis.

More info and notes:

That is all the info you can get from this mod. And it would be best if you had some notes to make use of this mod well.

First, you need to put on your boots and any mod that allows you to increase your speed. These will all help you with your gameplay.

Second, when you use this mod, you can only make it work in offline mode. Online servers will not allow you to use this.

Walk Through Trellis is open for free for your download!


Uploaded by: TheOfficialTab

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