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Wear More Rings Mods is the best mod we can send and help you in this game. This mod does nothing but help you to have more space in your inventory.

Some other mod will allow you to get things from other storage. But this mod will focus on helping you to have more free slots for your items. Let’s see if this mod can please you!

The new slot you can have:

In this mod, you will have more time to explore the world and gather more stuff. You will have more free slots when downloading and installing this mod for your game.

Wearing More Rings will also allow you to have more slots on rings. You can have 6 of them, and you can imagine how wonderful this will be.

When you have more slots on rings, this means you can have more bonus stat. And that will be a big advantage when you are facing some other monsters and enemies.

Stardew Valley Wear More Rings

This could be a fun mod for players who like to go out and explore the world. There will be a ton of new levels where you can play and win further prizes.

There will also be some other cave level where you can beat up monsters, find materials and win your game.


Uploaded by: bcmpinc

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