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What Are You Missing Free Download allows you to know what you are missing. And then, it will allow you to know where and how to get them in your Stardew Valley.

What Are You Missing is a new feature for this game. All the things this mod does will be showing you what you are missing from the different categories.

You can base on this mod and then get what you need for your quest, mission, or task to be complete. This will be needed for people who like to do things and get rewards. And below will be some info you will need for this game mod.

What Are You Missing mod?

This one is a new mod, and this mod will add only one feature to your game. But we think that will be enough for your world.

The feature this mod add will show you what you are missing from your:

All fish.

CC travel cart items.

All crops.

Seasonal travel cart items.

Seasonal items.

Community center items.

This is needed when you want to gather all the things you can to complete your mission.

Stardew Valley download: You can now download this one from our significant page. It is simple and fun!


Uploaded by: PrivateButtface

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