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Yet Another Harvest With Scythe Mod will be a needed mod. This one will allow you to get anything from food to crops done in one second. And all you need will be to bring the scythe with you.

Yet Another Harvest With Scythe Mod:

Feeding your animals and collecting crops is not a big thing to do. But to make anything in this game, you need to try hard.

It will be a waste of time if you do not use this mod to complete your job. The support of this mod can be the best one you can have.

This mod has been made to give you a tool, and this tool will do all the work. It would be best if you used this when your crop is ready. And it would help if you also had this tool for your gameplay later. Such as fight and combat!

Stardew Valley Yet Another Harvest With Scythe Mod:

The hardest thing will be hard to do when you have a lot of plants and trees. But all you need will be the scythe.

This tool used to be used for cutting the grass. But now we have added a new function for this one. It will help you feed your animal and gather crops in no time. This is really fast!


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