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Yuriyuri’s Hairstyles Mods for StardewValley brings dozens of incredible new hairstyles to Pelican Town’s female farmers.

Yuriyuri’s Hairstyles offers ConcernedApe’s unique collection of women’s hairstyles for farmers.

If you are female and love to explore new hairstyles, this mod is a must-have addition to your game.

Download the mod and feel great!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to snowcmpie, and you can download the mod for free on nexus mods.

The mod adds many great designs for female farmers in Pelican Town. Players can create a new look for the female character with 32 new hairstyles.

Check out the awesomeness of the mod below!


Yuriyuri’s Hairstyles has many attractive points such as:

  • The mod provides a diverse, modern, and very fashionable hair collection. Your female characters become more beautiful thanks to the hairstyles in this mod.
  • The mod provides 32 different female hairstyles. You can find female hair types: side bangs, braids, long loose hair, wavy hair, and some striking cosplay hairstyles.
  • The mod is easy to install and compatible with other mod packs. Therefore, you can create a lively town with cute girls.
  • The hair designs are unique, and all are suitable for the female farmers in Pelican Town.


In short, the mod brings a lot of fun to the female farmers in Pelican Town. You have up to 32 great female hairstyles to choose.

Check out Yuriyuri’s Hairstyles Free Download and choose the right female hairstyle for your peasant woman!


Uploaded by: snowcmpie

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